Studio: Jelly London / The Kitchen
Direction, compositing, cinematography, - Christoffer Morales, Sam Burton
3D - Sam Burton
2D animation - George Coffey, Christoffer Morales
Audio - Hedvig Ahlberg & Dennis Tkačuk Luudkvist

The project came about when the animation team in The Kitchen wanted to push our skills. We brainstormed ideas and came up with Jelly Ident, which gave us freedom to try whatever we wanted and mix the techniques. My part has been coming up with the direction, shooting everything, editing, prepping shots and compositing. Also doing 2D animation in the "E" shot.
It was quite an overwhelming project with lot's of components involved and at the same time manage to split the workflow between four people. To visualise how the production would unfold I mapped out how I foresaw everything coming together which helped us gain clarity.
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