My name is Christoffer and I'm a freelance animator and designer. I help people visually communicate their ideas through motion design. I believe that with animation and design as a universal language you can amplify your message and reach out to the people you want easily.

I love creating colorful animations, gifs, videos and other types of animated content. I'd be glad to help you tailor a custom message in a relevant format for your idea.
When I started the things I made were really bad but I still loved creating. It led me down a path to find my passion! Creating beautiful visuals in all its forms, getting inspired and collaborating with the people who inspire you to make something to be proud of. To be real with you it's the only thing I ever want to do.

I started out at Hyper Island since then been working at Jelly London and then ustwo working on big, small and secret projects.

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